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On Wed, 2 Aug 2000, Richie Ramos wrote:
> >The body's too bulky, throws the rest of the proportions way off.
> Which brings us to the question: What exactrly are correct gundam
> proportions?
> are there any set parameters...?
> For example, in this case, I like the way the bawoo came out in this
> 1/100 kit, but our fellow lister doesn't. so what's the bottom line?
> The cartoon? or the "Official kit"? Or is it something else?

Are you one of those modellers who like them with teeny heads? Makes the
MS looks beefy, but it bugs the like of Tabby and me.

Max Watanabe is a believer in teeny head, to create an illusion of a
giant. He said so in the Super Modeling Manual. Some people were
complaining bitterly about the "big" head of MG RX-79(G). At first I
thought that was odd, but after looking at the pics for a few minutes, I
kind of see that person's point too.

It seems that resin kits lean towards the dramatic effects (small head),
and plastic kits lean towards "proper" proportions. By "proper" I don't
mean official or anything, just more human-like proportions.

I don't think there is any "official" Gundam proportions. The shapes seem
to shift and drift through the years, along with the overall size, the
number of fiddly bits, and the size of them guns and missiles.

BTW, a "reliable rumour" (whatever that means) holds that HGUC Bawoo will
be released sometime this year. So you gotta be pretty hard core to shell
out for the resin Bawoo at this point.

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