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> The 1/144 Zollidea and 1/144 V2 Buster Gundam were
> High Quality, but most of the 1/100 kits in the
> series were labeled as High Grade. The HQ brand
> never caught on for some reason...

I think I can answer that. The 1/144 Zollidea is the
only 'HQ' model from the V model series. And unlike
other V kits, Zollidea (as well as 1/144 Abigor) does
not feature any clear plastic parts for beam weapons,
i.e., you'll have to paint the beam sabre and the beam
shield, plus there are lots of painting need to be
done since the runners are only molded in dark purple
and red. The upside is, it comes with a decal sheet
with detailed three Zanscare/BESPA markings (a couple
of League Militaire marking is also included!), plus a
couple of back-mounted extra weapons not featured on
TV: gatling gun and (Zoloatt's) beam-string launcher.
The box cover billed Zollidea (Heavy Armed Type) under
'High Quality Mobile Suit Variation', which I believe
is the one and only MSV as well as HQ kit from V model


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