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Tue, 1 Aug 2000 20:46:51 -0400

> I was looking through 's news archive and I ran across
> this article:
> "Gah! Life-Sized Gundam - 07:15
> Japanese video gaming magazine Famitsu has shown pictures of what appears
> be a full-sized working robot which looks to be a 1:3 scale MSZ-006 Zeta
> Gundam. The robot is 7 meters tall and has a chassis made out of metal and
> body made out of FRP, a type of fiberglass. The red section opens up to
> reveal a real sit-down cockpit. Allegedly there are six hydraulic servos
> that operate each leg. The guy who built this is named Nakamoto, 36, who
> claims that he's no fan of anime or Gundam. He just wanted to build a
> walking robot.
> Source: Toonami Revolution"
> here are the pics:

Old news, there was some talk about it on the list about a month or two
back. Check the Gundam Archives below. I believe there were two subject
titles, one was "A 7 Meter tall Zeta Gundam.

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