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Dear List:

> >Okay! I apologize if I spoiled it for other people... Frankly, I am one of
> >those people who'd rather have things spoiled instead of having a question
> >hanging around in my head, so I don't really give the subject much thought.
> >Am I the only one like that?!?
> Probably.....jk, no, there are alot of people like that. In many ways, I'm one of them because knowing something with the head is not the same as seeing it or feeling it, or otherwise (like what Isamu says in Macross Plus, (to paraphrase) how do you know what something is like until you have experienced it for yourself?). However, there are many cases where I don't want something explained all the way to me, where I want my first experience with it to TRULY be my first experience with it. I mean, how good would movies like The Sixth Sense or Wild Things be if someone just up and told you how they ended? And if you don't know what I'm talking about because you haven't seen the movies, go out and rent them tonight.

Good to know I am not the only one. Okay, I see you point but it is not really
fair to compare EVA with 6th. Sense or Wild Things because for Evangelion's
case, even those who have seen it can't quite agree on what really happened in
the end. I would probably not be too please if someone told me how the 6th
Sense ended, on the otherhand, knowing Wild Things' stupid ending wouldn't ruin
the experience for me too much because the story was ludicrous in the first
place and the sole purpose of watching the film was to see Denise Richard's
breasts and lesbian scene with Neve Campbell. If I knew I'd see Kevin's Bacon
(heh!) I wouldn't even have bothered boing. The ending to the 6th. sense was
not spoiled for me beforehand because I know enough to avoid reading any posts
in movie newsgroups and reviews that has to do with the movie. People who read
a message titled "Evangelion Question" should have the sense to know that the
content of it will have something to do with the plot/story pertaining to the
movie/series and NOT read it if they don't want to read "spoilers".

> >> Please, put in some spoiler space for those kind of revelations like I did here.
> >>
> >> Note: Do NOT read below if you don't want some major spoilers.
> >>
> >> s
> >> p
> >> o
> >> i
> >> l
> >> e
> >> r
> >> s
> >>
> Well, we just have different ideas of what constitutes death. In many ways, yes they are dead....but for some reason, I don't think of what happened as such.

Okay, note also that there's really no evidence that they really became merged
into the "higher evolved" being either. The experiment could have failed and
left their souls burning in hell.

> Just one of the contradictions I can live with.


> > I don't think Shinji is in "control", he had decided that he
> >was going to be an individual in the TV episode and either that or the
> >protection of the EVA 1 kept him from assimilated with the collective.
> >We don't see as much internal struggle from Asuka but there was an episode
> >devoted to her childhood which was similar to Shinji's, she also probably
> >didn't get assimilated for the same reason.
> True, control is probably the wrong word. Still, it was his choice not to join in the painless...yet joyless amalgamation being that mankind was forming with Lillith/Rei III that caused its destruction and Instrumentality's failure....if I'm remembering correctly (I only watched the movie a couple times and right now a friend has my copy of it so I can't rewatch it right now), that is why I said he controlled it. Everyone else apparently had no real choice in the matter, they joined with Lillith. Shinji on the other hand, still had the ability to choose. And his choice could allow Instrumentality to continue or could stop it.

I am not sure if he really had a choice either, I'll have to watch the end of
the series again to determine. The thought of being in a painless and joyless
amalgamation of sentient entity is really a scary thought, is that really much
of an evolution of us as a species? It sounded more like a de-evolution to me
as that is felt more like regressing from humans back to the amoeba than
transforming to a higher being. Did Instrumentality really fail? Was the
amalgamation really destroyed? I am not too sure about that either. I don't
understand why people consider the beginning of the series a bait to hook in
the otakus, it is the end of the Evangelion that got me interested in new anime
again! Guess I am not an otaku... (had given up anime 3 years before watching
new anime again, it was the first episodes of EVA that turned me off to new
anime in the first place as I was tired of all the young teenagers piloting
giant robots genre and I hate most all shoujo stuff.)

> So, while most of my values and morals are Christian, my faith itself might not be consider wholy Christian....if that makes any sense....

It does, you are implying that you believe your God is more than just the God as
portrayed by Christianity and the Bible. That view is already much more
tolerant than a lot of people out there. 8)

> Roland


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