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>Dear List:
>> On Tue, 1 Aug 2000 13:17:40 -0700 (PDT) Michael Wong x4241 <> wrote:
>> >Dear List:

>Okay! I apologize if I spoiled it for other people... Frankly, I am one of
>those people who'd rather have things spoiled instead of having a question
>hanging around in my head, so I don't really give the subject much thought.
>Am I the only one like that?!?

Probably.....jk, no, there are alot of people like that. In many ways, I'm one of them because knowing something with the head is not the same as seeing it or feeling it, or otherwise (like what Isamu says in Macross Plus, (to paraphrase) how do you know what something is like until you have experienced it for yourself?). However, there are many cases where I don't want something explained all the way to me, where I want my first experience with it to TRULY be my first experience with it. I mean, how good would movies like The Sixth Sense or Wild Things be if someone just up and told you how they ended? And if you don't know what I'm talking about because you haven't seen the movies, go out and rent them tonight.

>> Please, put in some spoiler space for those kind of revelations like I did here.
>> Note: Do NOT read below if you don't want some major spoilers.
>> s
>> p
>> o
>> i
>> l
>> e
>> r
>> s
>> >I thought the "real world" had ended with the 3rd. impact and all humans have
>> >been killed. Looked like the "Human Resupplying Project" had been successful
>> >and everyone has been joined together as a collective soul (death = attaining
>> >god-hood?)
>> No, everyone did not die. They simply left their physical bodies and their souls combined into the original being through Rei/Lillith/Eva 1. As both Gendo and Keel wanted. But instead of either of them controlling it, the one in control was Shinji (and in some ways Yui, due to Rei III's refusal to aid Gendo).
>I don't agree with you on this. Maybe the humans were not "killed", but the
>fact that all the humans collapsed after being touched by the spirit looking
>ethereal entities (angels of death a la the Exodus period?) certainly looked
>like the died. If they are not physically dead, they are certainly braindead,
>soul-less animals are still capable of moving, and the humans weren't even
>capable of that.

Well, we just have different ideas of what constitutes death. In many ways, yes they are dead....but for some reason, I don't think of what happened as such.

Just one of the contradictions I can live with.

> I don't think Shinji is in "control", he had decided that he
>was going to be an individual in the TV episode and either that or the
>protection of the EVA 1 kept him from assimilated with the collective conscious.
>We don't see as much internal struggle from Asuka but there was an episode
>devoted to her childhood which was quite similar to Shinji's, she also probably
>didn't get assimilated for the same reason.

True, control is probably the wrong word. Still, it was his choice not to join in the painless...yet joyless amalgamation being that mankind was forming with Lillith/Rei III that caused its destruction and Instrumentality's failure....if I'm remembering correctly (I only watched the movie a couple times and right now a friend has my copy of it so I can't rewatch it right now), that is why I said he controlled it. Everyone else apparently had no real choice in the matter, they joined with Lillith. Shinji on the other hand, still had the ability to choose. And his choice could allow Instrumentality to continue or could stop it.

>Good for you, I used to be a Christian myself. But my questioning of the faith
>has led me towards Buddhism and everything finally made sense to me and I've
>been content.

Well, in many ways, I see religion and God as was stated in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier: "1 voice, many faces".

So, while most of my values and morals are Christian, my faith itself might not be consider wholy Christian....if that makes any sense....


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