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Dear List:

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> >Dear List:
> And someone complained about me commenting on the masturbation scene needing spoiler space?

Actually I didn't even see anyone commenting about needing spoiler space on
thread. It seemed to me that if people followed this thread till this point
of the discussion (notice that I didn't chime in till it's already quite late
in the thread...), they already have pretty much most of the story spoiled for

> Geez, Michael, you'll notice most of us went out of our way not to mention alot of the stuff you did

I have to admit that I didn't notice that, in fact, I was rather peeved that
most of you are being so vague! I find it pretty irritating when the people
who've seen something deliberately hold things back in a discussion (so as not
to "spoil" the fun of others, so to speak), it makes me more curious and not
being able to find a straight answer right away really bugs me. Since I don't
have every single manga/movie/anime available to me on hand, the curiosity
bothers me to no end.

> so that people that haven't seen the movie or end of the series, and are planning to, wouldn't have it spoiled for them.

Okay! I apologize if I spoiled it for other people... Frankly, I am one of
those people who'd rather have things spoiled instead of having a question
hanging around in my head, so I don't really give the subject much thought.
Am I the only one like that?!?

> Please, put in some spoiler space for those kind of revelations like I did here.
> Note: Do NOT read below if you don't want some major spoilers.
> s
> p
> o
> i
> l
> e
> r
> s
> >> >Other than Shinji masturbating over Asuka's comatose body....not really no.
> >>
> >> Hmm, I wonder where are the spoiler police?

I really don't see this as a complain, I interpret this as the person making
fun of the up-tight spoiler people who usually gets upset immediately flame
when the slightest bit about the plot was revealed. The type of people who
refuse to read a single piece of film review for fear of "spoiling" their
surprise about a film's plot.

> I think he was talking about the mess Shinji had on his hand, and his comment about how he must be a sick person.
Ah, thanks. I did remember that vaguely and it skipped my mind.
> >> One thing that hasn't been mentioned during all this discussion was what was
> >> going on in the _real_ world at the time, not the "real world" in the world
> >> of Eva but the world we live in, specifically what was going on in Japan.
> >
> >I thought the "real world" had ended with the 3rd. impact and all humans have
> >been killed. Looked like the "Human Resupplying Project" had been successful
> >and everyone has been joined together as a collective soul (death = attaining
> >god-hood?)
> No, everyone did not die. They simply left their physical bodies and their souls combined into the original being through Rei/Lillith/Eva 1. As both Gendo and Keel wanted. But instead of either of them controlling it, the one in control was Shinji (and in some ways Yui, due to Rei III's refusal to aid Gendo).
I don't agree with you on this. Maybe the humans were not "killed", but the
fact that all the humans collapsed after being touched by the spirit looking
ethereal entities (angels of death a la the Exodus period?) certainly looked
like the died. If they are not physically dead, they are certainly braindead,
soul-less animals are still capable of moving, and the humans weren't even
capable of that. I don't think Shinji is in "control", he had decided that he
was going to be an individual in the TV episode and either that or the
protection of the EVA 1 kept him from assimilated with the collective conscious.
We don't see as much internal struggle from Asuka but there was an episode
devoted to her childhood which was quite similar to Shinji's, she also probably
didn't get assimilated for the same reason.

> >... we don't have buddhist (way too many to mention) or Tao (Outlaw Star)
> >or Hindu (3x3 Eyes) fanatics protesting the less than favourable portrayal of
> >their religion in anime series. It seems only Christians and Muslim take such
> >offense... are they insecure about their religion?
> Many are. As for myself, I'm Christian, but I have no problems asking questions of my faith. In many ways God has said that questions of faith are good to ask.

Good for you, I used to be a Christian myself. But my questioning of the faith
has led me towards Buddhism and everything finally made sense to me and I've
been content.

> > Does anyone know how the "real" ending of Evangelion's TV
> > was going to be like? All this talk about Eva and the fact I just watched
> > the last episodes 2 weeks ago has really piqued my interest in the show, I
> >agree with that other person who got bored with the show after 4 episodes. I
> > hated it too. But that was before I watched the last 1/3 of the series. 8)
> >
> >> Eddie
> >
> >Michael
> Hell, I loved it all the way through, and like BOTH endings. Maybe it's because I had no real preconceived notions on how it should have been ended, and that I can seperate one as the ending in Shinji's mind (the tv one) and the other in "reality" (EoE). It is one of my favorite anime series, if not my favorite.

Same over here, I also liked both endings. EVA is definitely one of my
favourite series. But the first half of the series is so typical Giant Robot
dreck like that it kept it from being my absolute favourite. I can totally
identify with what Shinji was thinking and going through towards the end but
find his wimpiness and lameness in the beginning hard to tolerate. Still think
the first half of the series is bad, I gave up on finishing it and is currently
working on Cowboy Bebop. Which has been excellent so far and kept me from
finishing watching my G Gundam and ZZ Gundam (only half through on this one...),
still got X Gundam and V Gundam waiting for me in L.A., so many anime to watch
and models to build, so little time. 8D

> Roland


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