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Lady Rhyaniwyn wrote:

> I've always felt that the beginning of the series, when compared to the end,
> was very strange. I mean, it started out and I thought it was going to be a
> really cool anime about some kids in giant robots. I projected Shinji being
> some kind of special pilot that would save the world. Somewhere along the
> way, the series changes into something else, something I interpreted as
> deeper.

That was intentional, that was how they sucker you in, by making it look like
one thing and then "whammo!" it's something else entirely.

> However, looked at in one light, couldn't the first half have been a
> deliberate formulation to hook in otaku and get them to watch 'till the end,
> where they're ridiculed?


> Then, the movie comes out because everyone is
> complaining about the ending, again deliberately formulated to appeal while
> also being damn confusing and not really meaning anything at all?

Ding Ding Ding, we have a winner.

> I really don't want to think that was the way of it...which is what
> interpretation leads me to believe. Perhaps the ending was more of a
> philosophical message to otaku and daydreamers--teenagers, etc.--and is
> serious, but not in the way you would initially think. Then the movie could
> either be a more voilent and disturbing way to get accross a similar
> message, possibly disturbing because Anno was annoyed that so many people
> weren't getting his initial attempt? Maybe that's why the movie is much
> less resolved than the series, if you are self-aware enough to
> really understand the messages in the TV ending and come into reality, good
> frigging job. But if you don't get it--BAM! You're just going to end up
> screwing up your life and, even if you understand a little, you're going to
> spend forever searching for an answer you'd find if only you gave up your
> fantasies?

very good.

> ...whoa, sorry 'bout that. Eva's really not something I've ever discussed
> before...and I've read on it, but I've never heard what was said about
> otaku.

You were able to grasp the concept very easily, I must say.

---Brett Jensen

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