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James II L Ravelo wrote:
> However, considering the fact that the average MS (circa 0083 - 18 meters) is way bigger than BattleTech's
> biggest Mech, the Atlas (15 feet, IIRC), it is definitely easier to perform knee-capping on a Mech rather
> than an MS, and then you'd have to consider the fact that the average MS is definitely more agile than the
> fastest Mechs in BattleTech.

        Actually Gundam and Battletech mechs are comparable in size. No real
information exists for the actual size of each mech but many fans and
palyer say it's
around the ten meter mark. This I disupute somewhat because of the
heights given in the
MWII PC game at 12-15m or so although computer play doesn't readily
reflect the dynamics
of BT the tac/hex game the use of Microsoft by at least two of the
long time writers
of FASA in their ventures to explot their Battletech license elads me
to believe this
is still good material to use in terms of reference other than diehard
        Real difference obviously Battletech views mechs as uebera armored
with them being the deciding arm of a fight and a kingdom's strength
measured in
these machines and the men who pilot (why does this sound like Five
Star Stories :P)
although to be fair Battletech exists in a universe where human
venality blasted
mankind a couple centuries back due to cosntant warfare. Gundam has
similar views
in mech in soi far their fighting vehicle nature but they're existence
is due to the
nature of technology not because its viewed as the ne plus ultra of

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