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What happened to the guy to make him so depressed?

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Remember, that sepulations that religious outrcies changed the ending are
just that....speculations. Anno claimed that his vision was fufilled in the
TV already every single time he was interviewed..and continued to do so
the movies came out..why would he do that if he wasn't satisfied? I maintain
my view that the movies are nothing more than Gainax wanting $+"fan service"
( considering how the movie played out....the real intent is more like a big
F-You to people that complained....and complained about the TV ending.). .

I quote Anno back in 95: "It is said that "To live is to change". I started
this production with the desire that they[Shinji &co] and the world change
the time the story reaches its conclusion. That is my genuine sense of
things. I am able to put all of myself into SHINSEIKI EVANGELION - a self
for four years was a wreck, unable to do anything. I began this thinking
one thing: "I mustn't run away"- after having done just that, run away, for
four years - where all I was doing was simply not dying." --Anime FX (c)
Issue 10.

> Does anyone know how the "real" ending of Evangelion's TV
> run was going to be like? All this talk about Eva and the fact I just
> watched
> the last few episodes 2 weeks ago has really piqued my interest in the
> I
> agree with that other person who got bored with the show after 4

> I
> really hated it too. But that was before I watched the last 1/3 of the
> series.
> 8)

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