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James II L Ravelo wrote:
> While Gato has, as I quote, "He has nothing but experience in space combat."
> it's still easier to convert from a 3-d mode of thinking into 2-d, compared
> to thinking in terms of 2-d into 3-d.

        Yes and no, A MS in space ahs the flight control systems to
fight in a 3D environment without worry about pitch/high AOA and loss
of power/
sluggish response at higher and higher altitudes unlike conventional
breathing a/c.
        At the same time visual input will be greatly reduced. Unless there's
a meteor field or bunch of dead cylinders a mech pilot can emply his
at the maximum range once he see that telltale streak of photons
probably the plasma from his opopsition's thrusters. Thus the constant
need to maneuver of sorts and mano y mano mech fights can be a sight
see although ideally one side decides enough's and send in a guy to
nail the other with a hyperbazooka. War's generally not about looking
good, wiat this is mech anime belay that folks:P.
        On the ground a groundpounder must remember this rule. Find cover
and concealment because if you're caught open you're dead. While
good cover for a mobile suit tends to be harder a good pilot must make
maxiumum use of the terrain because a fight where everybody can see
other will generally mean somebody will up the ante and call in air
artillery. Trust me when a six gun battery of 155s gets a fire mission
and starts slamming DPICM and whatever other cargo rounds with smart
death inside you will be scared of the God of War for he tends to
favor the men who have red legs.
        The paintball fight between Monsha and Uraki are a good
example on how to make effective use of cover. Stupid because it
was a test in how was more badass but still both the kid and the
fart did realize what you can't see, you can't shoot.

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