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Dear List:

> >Other than Shinji masturbating over Asuka's comatose body....not really no.
> Hmm, I wonder where are the spoiler police?
> >They actually show that? >:( Ah well I guess I can see why peop0le think
> >Anno was a little demented.
> >
> >Jason
> Nope, but you figure it out based on the aftermath. Shinji's speech
> pattern/vocabulary usage has also deteriorated (becoming more vulgar) since
> the TV series - this is something that can easily get lost in translations,
> whether it be dub or sub.

Is this after everyone on earth died? Or are you guys talking about another
section of the episode that I forgot about? I thought he was actually having
real sex with Asuka, from the position of their lower bodies it looked like he
had actual penetration. Anyway, I liked it that Asuka's first reaction when
she woke up was glancing towards the direction of their genetalia and then
insulted Shinji. The subsequent attempt of strangulation was unexpected

> One thing that hasn't been mentioned during all this discussion was what was
> going on in the _real_ world at the time, not the "real world" in the world
> of Eva but the world we live in, specifically what was going on in Japan.

I thought the "real world" had ended with the 3rd. impact and all humans have
been killed. Looked like the "Human Resupplying Project" had been successful
and everyone has been joined together as a collective soul (death = attaining

> As you probably know, there are a lot of religious references throughout the
> series and they weren't necessarily positive. This has upset the religious
> fanatics in Japan and they did make a big fuss about it, since Eva was shown
> on broadcast TV, after all. Factor in the crunch Gainax faced when the
> series was winding up, many have speculated that the TV series ended the way
> it did because Gainax was under pressure to change the original ending (you
> can probably tell how inflammatory the EoE ending is, if used as the TV
> series' ending) and given the lack of time and budget, they ended up using
> single frames and storyboard sketches to fill out most of the last couple
> of episodes.

Funny that we don't have buddhist (way too many to mention) or Tao (Outlaw Star)
of Hindu (3x3 Eyes) fanatics protesting to the less than favourable portrayal of
their religion in anime series. It seems only Christians and Muslim take such
offense... are they insecure about their religion? I didn't realize there was
such a large Christian community in Japan to force Gainax into changing their
ending, but then again the more fanatical Christian "minority" has always been
a very vocal bunch. Does anyone know how the "real" ending of Evangelion's TV
run was going to be like? All this talk about Eva and the fact I just watched
the last few episodes 2 weeks ago has really piqued my interest in the show, I
agree with that other person who got bored with the show after 4 episodes. I
really hated it too. But that was before I watched the last 1/3 of the series.

> Eddie


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