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>In a message dated 7/31/2000 5:59:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
>scorpio@best.com writes:
>> Starting with 1993's V Gundam, we started seeing selected kits labeled as
>> "High Grade." But before that, High Grade was a separate model series, like
>> the current Master Grade and Perfect Grade lines.
>Actually the V Gundam kits are "High Quality" ;p
>~Andy Lee
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The only ones that actually bear the label are the 1/100 variations of the
V and V2. The Gunblastor and Zollidia kits don't have the HG label.
The 1/144 kits of V2 Buster and Zollidia were labeled as "HQ" kits, but
that branding never went anywhere.


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