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>>Does that mean there is more T & A in EoE? ;P
>Other than Shinji masturbating over Asuka's comatose body....not really no.

Hmm, I wonder where are the spoiler police?

>They actually show that? >:( Ah well I guess I can see why peop0le think
>Anno was a little demented.

Nope, but you figure it out based on the aftermath. Shinji's speech
pattern/vocabulary usage has also deteriorated (becoming more vulgar) since
the TV series - this is something that can easily get lost in translations,
whether it be dub or sub.

One thing that hasn't been mentioned during all this discussion was what was
going on in the _real_ world at the time, not the "real world" in the world
of Eva but the world we live in, specifically what was going on in Japan.

As you probably know, there are a lot of religious references throughout the
series and they weren't necessarily positive. This has upset the religious
fanatics in Japan and they did make a big fuss about it, since Eva was shown
on broadcast TV, after all. Factor in the crunch Gainax faced when the
series was winding up, many have speculated that the TV series ended the way
it did because Gainax was under pressure to change the original ending (you
can probably tell how inflammatory the EoE ending is, if used as the TV
series' ending) and given the lack of time and budget, they ended up using
single frames and storyboard sketches to fill out most of the last couple
of episodes.

Series director Anno's official partyline regarding the way the last couple
of episodes of the TV series ended the way they did due to "creative
decisions" and that he was happy with the way they turned out. Feel free to
draw your own conclusion on that. If he was truly happy with the way they
turned out, then I can hardly imagine the guy revisiting familiar territory
to reshape the events. After all, Gainax was already rolling in eough dough
and they did not need to put in any additional work to milk the cash cow.

I suspect the EoE movie was made to complete Anno's original vision of how
the series would end, and its theatrical release bypasses the censorship
problem TV would have. Since the ticket buyers are already fans of the
series, you have a perfect case of preaching to the converted instead of
having to deal with people who channel surf to see things they didn't want
to see and want to prevent the rest of the world from seeing it.


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