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Tue, 01 Aug 2000 14:58:48 EDT

Mmm... Okay... I see what you're saying, I think (haven't had time to read
the link that was sent, but I'll get there).

Honestly, I never really compared Shinji to myself in the guise of 'otaku.'
Now, I felt that Shinji was amazingly realistic as a character and saw many
points of myself in him. Was I stupid to miss the comparison to otaku?
(I've mentioned that I never apply the word to myself because of its
origins, even with the altered meaning accepted by many fans)

^_^ As far as the disturbing scenes in the movie, the only part that
bothered me was Shinji's sight of Asuka's fate when he finally stops being a
self-indulgent pussy for a second and gets in his Eva. You all know the
scene I mean. Nothing else really got to me at all. Maybe I'm
desensitized, but I thought the chaos and disturbing content were put there
for a purpose. I like the movie partially because of the edge of
disturbance it makes me feel. I also like trying to puzzle out what things
really mean in it.

However, I suppose, by the 'otaku' interpretation, that I fell into taking
it too seriously. Hmmm...

On a slightly different subject, however, someone mentioned Shinji's
personalities varying a little. Certain facets of his behavior have always
annoyed the crap out of me. "I'm not going to fight....Waaah!...No, I
am....No, you hate me, I'm not....Yes, I am...." I justified that because
of the situation he found himself in. I mean, god knows how *I'd* act in
that situation. Personally, I like and identify with Shinji in the manga
the most (but that's also a slightly different interpretation of his

Okay... I kinda like that otaku interpretation, I've decided. However,
thinking that way makes the whole thing less serious and more of a satire to
me. I don't think that's what was intended or meant by the comment, was it?
  And if the movie was meant to cater to those too dense to understand the
TV ending, does that make all the fascinating philosophies I derived from
the movie false and made up just to ...?

I've always felt that the beginning of the series, when compared to the end,
was very strange. I mean, it started out and I thought it was going to be a
really cool anime about some kids in giant robots. I projected Shinji being
some kind of special pilot that would save the world. Somewhere along the
way, the series changes into something else, something I interpreted as

However, looked at in one light, couldn't the first half have been a
deliberate formulation to hook in otaku and get them to watch 'till the end,
where they're ridiculed? Then, the movie comes out because everyone is
complaining about the ending, again deliberately formulated to appeal while
also being damn confusing and not really meaning anything at all?

I really don't want to think that was the way of it...which is what
interpretation leads me to believe. Perhaps the ending was more of a
philosophical message to otaku and daydreamers--teenagers, etc.--and is
serious, but not in the way you would initially think. Then the movie could
either be a more voilent and disturbing way to get accross a similar
message, possibly disturbing because Anno was annoyed that so many people
weren't getting his initial attempt? Maybe that's why the movie is much
less resolved than the series, if you are self-aware enough to
really understand the messages in the TV ending and come into reality, good
frigging job. But if you don't get it--BAM! You're just going to end up
screwing up your life and, even if you understand a little, you're going to
spend forever searching for an answer you'd find if only you gave up your

...whoa, sorry 'bout that. Eva's really not something I've ever discussed
before...and I've read on it, but I've never heard what was said about

BTW: Feel free to pick this apart, but in any case, don't take it as a
definitive opinion. I'm just analyzing a possible interpretation that came
to me as a result of this discussion.
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