Tue, 1 Aug 2000 13:56:54 EDT

> I mean, how do you guys feel about this as a whole? One person I've met
> here *hated* the TV ending and loved the movie. Both are obviously valid,
> believe, because I can't see Anno selling out Eva just for fan service.

The TV ending had everything important...the main thing is Shinji(or
Anno/Gainax/the otaku/the id/ego/super ego etc etc.) had finally reconciled
with his own need for attention/love/recognition/etc. To me that is
satisfying, watching a character who had suffered throughout the series and
finally gaining that self realization that made him feel finally at
peace.....The Movie on the other hand..



The movie had Shinji acting like a self centered jerk who only thinks about
himself(him using a catamose Asuka for self gratification), and in the end
3rd impact occurs Shinji and Asuka are the last humans remaining, what did
that solve? Is it even the real Asuka at the end? Notice Her bandages are
almost exactly like Rei's when Shinji first saw her? That Asuka in the end
may be no more than a combination of qualities of Rei+Asuka+Misato that
Shinji felt he needed...Was anything really reconcilled? Will Shinji finally
accept his own reality and be at peace? The Movie even denied us knowledge of
that, it solved nothing. 3rd Impact/Human completion are trivial issues
compared to what is the true Focus of the series, which is Shinji.

EVA is really a disturbing and fascinating piece of work.....There is a good
piece of writing done on why the TV ending is more satisfying by Sarah Davis,
also her critique of the EOE movie is pretty good, I agree with her on most
points. Read it for your pleasure...

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