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Lady Rhyaniwyn wrote:

> Also, how did you interpret those's been a while since I saw
> the TV ending, but I own the movie (maybe that, too, is why I like the movie
> more, huh? ^^).

My interpretation of the TV ending is this: Shinji is just a normal kid who
hates his life, and does nothing but Daydream. The entire story up this point is
merely one of Shinji's fantasies. Hence all the story twists that never really
went anywhere. A great practical joke if you ask me.

The whole series was Anno's indictment of the Otaku culture, which Gainax itself
had so wonderfully celebrated in "Otaku no video". In otherwords the message
was: "Don't take Trivial things too seriously." I think the later episodes of
Nadesico got the same message across in a more entertaining (and less
insulting) manner.

The movie's message was "Hey you stupid people, You didn't get the real message
of the series, so now I'm gonna get even by making something truly repulsive." I
particularly liked the the live action scene were the movie audience sits in
stunned silence.

---Brett "Okada san... I miss you." Jensen

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