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On Tue, 1 Aug 2000 11:22:54 -0400 Chris Maier <> wrote:
>The cross thing was Lillith, the mother of all Angels.

No, Adam was the creator of the Angels, hence their desire to return to him. Lillith was the creator of the, humanity.

Honestly, I don't
>know what the purpose of the Adam embryo was; It's my theory that the
>Americans were using it to create their Evangelions(Eva-03, Eva-04)and were
>just returning it to Japan. I think Kaji was being misled all along-Adam is
>fairly useless.

No, not precisely. The Evas were taken from its genetic structure ("we are using that which we despise to save ourselves", why Eva-1 looks like the pic we see of Adam from the Katsuragi expedition, etc.). But you are wrong about Adam's uselessness. Joining with Adam would...dammit, I can't say anything withough really spoiling some of the plot. Just see my above statements, and my statements in my other email about Destructive Third Impact versus Constructive Third Impact.

And remember what Kaworu tells Shinji about the Lillim and the purpose of the Angels....


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