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>> No, one couldn't. If one did, one would be wrong. Anyone remember the
>> embryo that Kaji brought with him from Germany in the same fleet that
>> brought Asuka and Eva-2 to Japan. That was Adam. Not to give too much
>> away, but Second Impact was caused when Adam was shrunk to an embryo
>> by the Katsuragi Expedition, releasing an enormous amount of energy in
>> the process, melting Antarctica, flooding the Earth, and killing half
>> of the human race.
>What the?! Embryo? On the US Navy fleet? I must have been unconscious
>when I watch that episode! I don't remember any explanation of what the
>2nd (or 1st) impact was about. What was that half angel with 7 eyes
>nailed on a cross then? That's not Adam?

No, that is Lillith, the source of humanity or as the angels refer to us derogatorilly as, the Lillim (notice all the legs protruding from her lower body? And you must have missed Kaworu saying "This isn't Adam...WHAT? Lillith?").

And that was a UN fleet, not just US. It's just most of the ships were American. But I did notice a Kiev-class Carrier/cruiser in there too, and a couple other non-American ships.

1st Impact has been hotly debated. Many think it was the decimation of the dinosaurs. Some think it was instead the splitting of the original, first being to form the Angels and humanity (like the Big Bang creating the universe). Now that I understand a bit more of the series (and its religious themes), I agree with the latter.

You'll see why after seeing EoE.

>Now since everyone seems to understand NGE better than me, can someone
>put these events in sequence?
>- First Impact
>- discovery (or successful decipher) of the Dead Sea Scroll (by Keel)
>- formation of SEELE (by Keel to bring about Instrumentality)
>- Second Impact (a step towards Instrumentality)
>- construction of Tokyo-3 (for protection of the Geofront)
>- construction of EVA unit-00 (to fight the Angels, to stop them from merging with Adam for the destructive Third Impact, rather than the Constructive Third Impact Keel and Gendo wanted)

(these last two above are kinda concurrent...we know that the Geofront was active in circa the early 2000s, but I'm not exactly sure how long it was before that the Evas were first made (there were alot of failed ones in that Eva graveyard) or when the city of Tokyo-3 was built over the Geofront (actually, the Black Moon, Adam's "birthplace" in Antarctica was the White Moon))

>- start of training of Asuka and Rei (to pilot the Evas to do as stated above under the construction of the Evas)
>- start of Human Instrumentality Project (if you mean that it was actually begun, this happens in the final 2 eps/EoE, if you mean the steps towards it, then prior to Second Impact on September 13, 2000, only a month and a half away! Um, has anyone heard of an expedition to Antarctica that has left or is leaving soon? (jk))


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