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Roland Thigpen wrote:
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> No, one couldn't. If one did, one would be wrong. Anyone remember the
> embryo that Kaji brought with him from Germany in the same fleet that
> brought Asuka and Eva-2 to Japan. That was Adam. Not to give too much
> away, but Second Impact was caused when Adam was shrunk to an embryo
> by the Katsuragi Expedition, releasing an enormous amount of energy in
> the process, melting Antarctica, flooding the Earth, and killing half
> of the human race.

What the?! Embryo? On the US Navy fleet? I must have been unconscious
when I watch that episode! I don't remember any explanation of what the
2nd (or 1st) impact was about. What was that half angel with 7 eyes
nailed on a cross then? That's not Adam?

Now since everyone seems to understand NGE better than me, can someone
put these events in sequence?

- discovery (or successful decipher) of the Dead Sea Scroll
- start of Human Instrumentality Project
- First Impact
- formation of SEELE
- Second Impact
- construction of Tokyo-3
- construction of EVA unit-00
- start of training of Asuka and Rei

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