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The anime club I attended was temporarily shut down thanks to End Of
Evangelion. Good movie though, I kind of like the Mass-produced Evas.

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><< I mean, how do you guys feel about this as a whole? One person I've met
>here *hated* the TV ending and loved the movie. Both are obviously valid,
>believe, because I can't see Anno selling out Eva just for fan service. >>
>Does that mean there is more T & A in EoE? ;P

Other than Shinji masturbating over Asuka's comatose body....not really no.

As for how I feel about the movie....I found it disturbing at many points,
but I also strangely enjoyed it. But I had to watch it a few times to truly
get it (if it could be said that I've gotten all of it), just as I had to
the last couple episodes. I see both of the endings valid. As the series was
about Shinji, and his growth in maturity and understanding, the final two
episodes of the series were a good way to end that. But at the same time,
EoE was a good way to explain the other themes that had been hinted at in
the series, like Instrumentality, Gendo's and Keel's plans, and to explain
those scenes we see in the "reality" parts of the final two episodes.
Although over the top as far as some of the violence goes (I came close to
vomiting the first time I saw a couple of the scenes....guess I shouldn't
have watched it while I was sick, huh?), it is no less valid an ending to
the series as the final two episodes. As most of the series was set in
"reality", we almost need to!
 see the reality based ending.

Although it might still have been better to do like Tiffany Grant (the voice
actress for Asuka in the ADV dub for those of you that don't know) had said
she kinda wished they had done: ended the series with Shinji waking up to
Asuka standing over him saying it was time for him to get up (She "didn't
mean get THAT up!") and go to school; Gendo and Yui in the kitchen, all
acting like a normal family (you know, that scene that Shinji sees in the
final episodes?). IE, the whole series was nothing more than one of Shinji's

Then again, that might have made the whole series kinda pointless wouldn't


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