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>However, considering the fact that the average MS (circa 0083 - 18 meters) is way bigger than BattleTech's biggest Mech, the Atlas (15 feet, IIRC), it is definitely easier to perform knee-capping on a Mech rather than an MS, and then you'd have to consider the fact that the average MS is definitely more agile than the fastest Mechs in BattleTech.

I'm assuming you mean 15 meters when you talk about the Atlas's height, and it might be as small as 12 meters tall (heights for various 'Mechs were given in multiple sources, and the Atlas was one of the taller ones accordind to its entry in the 3025 Technical Readout. Plus, you have to have room enough for a person to sit in the cockpit in the head....definately need more than 15 feet height). The 12 meters give a height of about 40 feet, 15 meters gives 50 feet tall. Still tall, but not as tall as most Gundam's 18 meters (60 feet).

As for the agility, that is very correct. I've already participated in many debates with people on BTech boards that think Battlemechs are just as maneuverable as the mecha seen in Gundam or Macross. Nope, sorry. BTech is far more realistic than Gundam in that respect, at least IMO (although 08th MS Team comes close many times, as does 0083 when it is set on Earth during the large combats). To see just what they move like, all you need to do is watch the movies from some of the latest MechWarrior computer games.


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