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YES! I've seen the b-club BAWOO 1/100 on HLJ's database (just go to,
and then look under new stuff in the sci-fi/gundam listings:

and then I saw the price in pesos: 12,998.


I think it's time to pray a little bit more. I think a sacrificial chicken
is needed too, along with some naked dancing around a campfire and off-key chanting
for this to become a plastic injection kit.

Other odd things:

joint parts and fists for OZ mecha:

not sure if they are only for leo, or for Tallgeese as well.

Zaku I customised Zaku for Topp (08thMS). no pic though.

A 1/144 zaku bazooka; DUH???:

and then there is this Cannon modification for the Gyan, which I'm really tempted
to get...:

AND: B-club came out with a Maganac kit...unknown as to which maganac we're
talking about here.

the gundam mark III, but it looks like a gundamized Hyakushiki:

AND, here is the missing link between the GP01 and the rx178...Mark, if this
is official, does this mean that the 0083 Gundam project actually contributed
to the Zeta era designs?:

Now this is the Gyan as it should have been. I wonder if the cannon parts can
fit with it?:

The heavyarms as Arnold schwarzenegger would have outfitted it with; only Katoki
could have come up with something as outrageous as this and still make it look

I dunno about you guys, but some of this stuff is amazing...and yet some other
stuff is...blah.


If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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