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This is a *tad* late (I think), but I'm definately curious about this. Why
do you find the TV ending more satisfying (other than the reasons you
briefly mentioned)? I honestly enjoyed the movie 10 times more than the TV
ending--though, honestly, I thought both were pretty damn good. The movie
ending got things accross to me a lot better than the TV ending. Now, this
could be because I watched ADV's dub of Eva and got the movies fansubtitled
by VKLL (who aren't too bad). I find that dubs lose a lot in anime with a
lot of subtle meaning.

I mean, how do you guys feel about this as a whole? One person I've met
here *hated* the TV ending and loved the movie. Both are obviously valid, I
believe, because I can't see Anno selling out Eva just for fan service. The
meaning was shaded a bit differently in each version, I think...but both
were very interesting and thought-provoking...amazing is an understatement.

Also, how did you interpret those's been a while since I saw
the TV ending, but I own the movie (maybe that, too, is why I like the movie
more, huh? ^^).

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Subject: Re: [gundam] (SEVERLY OT) Evangelion Question
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 22:10:56 -0700 wrote:

> My thoughts on TV and Movie me the TV was a _very_
> conclusion to the EVA series while the movie was more like a bastard
> created solely for the purposes of Fan Service+Making $. Eva to me was
> focused on Shinji's own psychology, and the TV provided a satisfying
> conclusion to that. The two can be integrated into one continuity but I
> prefer to reject the movie ending completely, I don't care to see the 3rd
> impact , and I don't care about seeing Shinji doing that to Asuka in the
> hospital(yes, that scene)....or the crappy ending in the movie.

My thoughts exactly. IMO it's the worst piece of crap I have ever seen. Just
opinion. In one way I respect it though, Anno really pulled a fast one by
basically getting across the same message... albeit in a truly repulsive

"Activate flame shields to fend off Eddie and any other Eva fans."

---Brett "There's something about Asuka" Jensen

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