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>yes...MS (even MA with legs) on the ground can be brought down, you just have
to know the enemy so that you could find their weak spot and exploit it.

In my estimate, those would be the knees and ankles. the hips are too well-protected
by the hip plates. Shaped charges, magnetic mines, armor piercing systems all
contribute to this idea. Perhaps even entangling weapons can be used.

>at least while on Earth, even if there was Minovsky jamming, there could still
be visual data, which is inarguably better than visual data while on space.
 also, they could rely on old fashioned methods such as light reflecting off
mirrors, smoke, etc. as long as it isn't done in battle.

or laserpoint systems, or perhaps even the use of infrasonics, etc...

>....unless that mishmash brigade happened to be composed of veterans who know
what to do...but then they'd still have to contend with knowing how to work
with each other.

I would still consider that to be a strike team. Oldsmobile army?

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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