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> >> Ah, the old spy within the ranks standby. It works so well, and they
> >never
> >> guess who it really is.

Best thing is the spy is just a subordinate to foreshadow the greater
corruption in the Federation Heirarchy, eventually the trail will lead
to the head spy in General Revil's office... So far its been Captains
under orders, and a Major that they trust, and what not but all the
orders eventually lead to the Staff Office, unfortunately all orders I
have given Death Traps, and cake walks both come from HQ.

The PCs got ahold of a tape from the Black Box from a Tank in a
Platoon that helped cover the 06th's team's retreat, Audio only, it
had the radio transmissions of the dying men, and the commander
of the tank platoon got his men out of there when the Gundam was
arming its self destruct...

The Zeon also knew what happened with the self destruct, and left
under heavy fire from the Tanks before it blew up, the pilot died of
trauma due to a Zaku ramming the cockpit at full speed, and he was
found with most of the torso armor intact, but his neck broken. The
Gundam never blew up, when the PCs found it, they opened up the
cockpit, and heard the computer asking for comfirmation to blow up.

When they found the Gundam just waiting for the Zeon to take it, I
let them foster some paranoia, they questioned who's orders called
for retreat, and asked what happened to the other pilots in the 06th
squad, one was flown straight to Jaburo (crossing Revil in flight, so
he couldn't report to the General) the other was in a coma... All of
the evidence was dissappearing, people were dissappearing, and I
didn't give them enough to pinpoint the mastermind yet... so they did
not have enough to go to General Revil yet...

They went out and secured the Gundam after fighting the Zeon team
and when they got back, there was an immediate order for them to
go into enemy territory deep behind enemy lines, they would drop in
from a Jump-Midea, and then once they secured the target, they call
for extraction... Of course the orders only said high-command with a
stamp from the General of the office where they suspect the traitor is
so they didn't want to go on the mission of course, because they were
worried it was the spy's way of covering up the conspiracy...

> This is supposed to be tough for them. They think its a suicide mission,
> so there is no point being soft on them. They got the prototype with
> relative ease, but I'm not really inclined to let them keep it.

The Target was Dr. Crusto Moses, the scientist who invents the EXAM
system in Blue Destiny, anyhow he sees how beat up the GMs get in
trying to rescue him, and decides they are too weak for 'Blue' so he
requests the 2 Gundams from the 06th platoon that did make it back.
One was headless, and ends up becoming BD-01, the other is BD-02
and the PCs keep the third one's parts and get their one Gundam. This is
intenetional because it explains away where BD's Gundams came from
and makes sure there aren't enough free Gundams laying around for
the PCs to all be Gundam pilots... Dr. Moses also cameos in the tech
bay for a while during the rebuild of the PCs Gundam, he solves the
problem with the Minovski reactor, it had a burble all its own, when
our daring PCs found it, it was waiting for final confirmation to Self
Destruct, it waited like that with the Reactor in the red-line for almost
a week, not only could the PCs not disarm it, but they didn't want to
touch it... When they came back to recover it, they had to Fight Zeon
MS troops around a powderkeg, and they knew it. They had the tech
completely shut it down, and later Dr. Moses suggested a few relays,
and contol beams be replaced etc...


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