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> >>Just give me a gundam with an S2 engine, tons of
> N2 payloads AND an AT field, I'm a happy man.
> >>
> >The Gundam already has an Minovsky engine, why
> would it need an S2? N2 mines huh? Isn't that a
> violation of the Antartic Treaty? But see the GP02.
> And an I-field is mostly like an AT field.
> well...the N2 stands for Non-Nuclear, so that
> wouldn't be a violation of the Antarctic treaty -
> besides, the Feds already broke the treaty, and look
> what it got them into...deep doodoo...^_^

Or better yet, the MIDAS from Front Mission 3... ^_^

> AT Field? The AT Field is, as Kaworu Nagisa puts
> it, "The barrier of the mind...a barrier to a sacred
> place where others are not allowed to enter" or
> something to that effect - would that be applicable
> as a Newtype-powered pseudo-"I-field" barrier?

Barrier of the soul to be exact. In EVA, having an AT
field was a measure of one's individuality. Everyone
has a AT field...








in end of eva, which was basically the end of the
world, the need for a sense of individuality was lost,
hence, everyone's AT fields were removed and all
humans in the planet turnd to LCL...

> ahhh...I'm sure everyone wishes the same thing...too
> bad that's one technology of japanese anime that
> isn't feasible right now, and maybe never...

EVA was based loosely on prophecies and theological
ideas, not as much as into science as Gundam. While
the concepts for N2s and S2s are in some ways
sensible, its working designs aren't as detailed as
those in UC...

"Just give me a gundam with an S2 engine, tons of N2
payloads AND an AT field, I'm a happy man."

Gosh, that was just a side comment of mine...

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