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> I know this was mentioned earlier on the list, but
> MSiA are available in some mainstream stores in the
> states. My question is, how do they differ from the

> Japanese versions?

All MSiA were made in China, but there appears to have
three different versions of MSiA on the market:

1) 'Japanese version' - these are specifically for
Japanese market, with (slighty) better paint scheme
(often matt) and panel line and shadowing.

2) 'Hong Kong version' - these are sold in Hong Kong
and rest of Asian Pacific markets. Their physical
features are identical to Japanese release but with
painting spots a shinny finish, sometimes with
different color for body parts. Their price are
considerably lower than Japanese releases.

3) 'U.S. version' - this version are sold exclusively
in U.S.A. only. All MSiAs has different packaging than
those of Japanese/HK releases and most importantly,
the U.S. version does not have panel lines on MSiA. So
far, U.S. version produces only MSiAs for Gundam Wing
TV series whereas Japanese/HK market produces MSiA
from UC era + Wing Gundam, but each market will see
other's MSiA release eventually.

> I thought that MSiA were the same as 1:144 but
> when i looked at the GunCannon and Turn A (at the
> local SunCoast Video) they seemed closer to 1:220.
> Am I mistaken in thinking that MSiA are 1:144 or
> are the US releases just different scales?

The average height of MSiAs is about 4 inches, which
is taller than Yutaka/UniFive's 1/220 '0083 action
figures'. MSiA is almost like free scale but almost
all of them stay close to a little below 1/144.


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