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>>> hmmm. that makes for a good argument, mixing MS's with standard armor and
>>> but the roles woiuld radically change. please expound, I find this to be
>>> very intersting idea.
>>=09If we agree that within the Gundam universe the best way to scrag
>>a MS is another mech they're even less capable of dealing with
>>even one suicidal enough to charge loaded down with satchel charges
>>nothing like carry a nylon bag of ten pounds of C4 with a pull fuze to
>>make it all go bang). Suits are just too big and regarded as very
>>specialized even if they have the firepower to go up against
>>dismounted troops or even a lot of vehicles. Amada was fairly
>>against a Jion mech with a LAW (must have been a powerful warhead
>>and rocket motor to boot although I wonder how that boy managed
>>to get into an armory and swipe that :P)
>Actually, a good force against groundpounding mechs would be a special infantry
>squad armed with shaped directional magnetic charges and armor piercing shoulder-launched
>rockets and missiles, or a fast land vehicles with that cpability. One could
>even use disruptive sonics or other experimental weapons...I don't see why the
>hell not non'MS combatants can't take down an MS.

in BattleTech that happens with regularity, especially with the Gray Death Legion mercenaries, wherein two of the founding members, Grayson Death Carlyle and Davis McCall perfected an anti-Mech tactic they called "knee-capping." what they do is they get on a 'Mech's leg, wait for the knee joint to bend, thereby exposing the actuators of the knee, then drop a satchel charge into the knee joint, then get out of the place quickly. Even when the 'Mechs started having proximity mines mounted on their legs as a precaution against knee-capping, the two still got through it by hosing the leg area with small grenades, which would be enough to detonate most of the mines and render the remaining useless, then proceed with their work.

yes...MS (even MA with legs) on the ground can be brought down, you just have to know the enemy so that you could find their weak spot and exploit it.

However, considering the fact that the average MS (circa 0083 - 18 meters) is way bigger than BattleTech's biggest Mech, the Atlas (15 feet, IIRC), it is definitely easier to perform knee-capping on a Mech rather than an MS, and then you'd have to consider the fact that the average MS is definitely more agile than the fastest Mechs in BattleTech.

>I've always seen MS's as one of two things: a mobile artillery base or a terror
>weapon. the only time they would need all those close combat weapons is if
>when there's another MS nearby...other than that, they would turn into mobile
>kill platforms...


>>=09The problem is size that makes coordinating with other untis
>>difficult but Minovski effects don't seem to be as prevalent on Earth.
>>So long as a MS pilot can get fire missions and targets through
>>everything will be right as the God of War intended it to be.
>hmmm...if there is a minovski problem, why not have tight-focus burst transmissions
>or laserlight transmissions?

at least while on Earth, even if there was Minovsky jamming, there could still be visual data, which is inarguably better than visual data while on space. also, they could rely on old fashioned methods such as light reflecting off mirrors, smoke, etc. as long as it isn't done in battle.

>I would disagree on that. a properly balanced striek team can do wonders as
>compared to a mishmash brigade...

...unless that mishmash brigade happened to be composed of veterans who know what to do...but then they'd still have to contend with knowing how to work with each other.

>>> I agree with this. let them use the core fighters first to get them used
>>> the controls, then gradually introduce them to using MS's with similar if
>>> the same controls...
>>=09If I'm on the ground I want to make sure my FO can get everything
>>from a Tomahawk strike from the Missouri to a ARC LIGHT mission on my
>>so. Core fighters are the best thing the Feds got to fast mover
>>tac/operational air although they should really start carrying CBU
>>500-1000 pounder low drags, gun pods, napalm, rocket pods, and the
>>sink. :D
>That I would agree on too...

kitchen sink? LOL!
how was the core fighter (in 0079) able to fly in an atmosphere - I mean, that thing is almost a literal flying box with three wings attached - does it use Minovsky lift? or sheer engine power to lift the whole box up? but then, the wings look like no more than flat surfaces, not the usual curved lifting surface of a regular wing.

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