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>> > Yes they will be need to be retrained on how to fight in
>> >space but when their feet touches solid ground they know how to fight.
>> hmmm...in space, the third dimension is always a
>> problem....remember how Kou
>> fought Gato...it seemed obvious to me that Gato had way more
>> experience in 3d
>> than Kou....i mean, kou just fought in a 2d idea, while gato was
>> shifting axes
>> all over the place.
>Gato is an ace veteran of OYW Zeon Space Attack Force. He has nothing but
>experience in space combat. Kou meanwhile probably have experience in only
>being the mobile target for the test pilots in Torrington base.

While Gato has, as I quote, "He has nothing but experience in space combat." it's still easier to convert from a 3-d mode of thinking into 2-d, compared to thinking in terms of 2-d into 3-d.

Ensign Chuck Keith also had that problem when the Albion went up into space and Monsha was training him...Monsha was saying something like "this is space! you have to think in 3-d" or something to that effect...although I presume at that time Kou already had a feel of space, albeit only enough to maneuver, but not do combat with the Gelgoogs of Cima's unit.

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