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>> I've already taunted them with the fact that a group of pilots they didn't
>> like got assigned to Project V.
>I haven't brought in a rival team yet... I'm saving that for space...

These guys'll probably get taken out by Char's raid on Side 7. They were
just there to irk the players.

>> Ah, the old spy within the ranks standby. It works so well, and they
>> guess who it really is.
>Well I gave them enough clues that two of my players remembered most
>of them after the spy was revealed, and reprimanded themselves for not
>seeing it sooner... but they liked the fact the clues were there and they
>could have figured it out if they were looking for it.

One of my players parents are spies. He (the character not the player)
doesn't know. I'm going to have fun with that one.

>> Certain elements of EF High Command were so impressed by the Gran Theft
>> Zaku in the first ep. that they wanted our boys to go and steal a brand
>> Zeon prototype MS. Due to the generous use of bazookas they managed to
>> capture a slightly scratched prototype (YMS-08A)
>Ok... so they're low on their Bazooka ammo, see in my Game the Bazookas
>are ALMOST a guaranteed kill, once they're gone though, Machingun kills
>are much harder to come by... Aas for Grand Theft Zaku, why do I see a
>guy up on a stepladder with a coathanger trying not to get noticed...

Same here. 8K AP or BLAST. Problem is they could only take a maximum of
ten rounds each.


>Is the stolen prototype the only suit or do they still have the Zakus?

The prototype and two Zakus, one with a slight blurble in its powerplant.

>> As for recurring villans, they've had a run in with Johnny Ridden, who
>> toyed with them and let them go, and earned the eternal hatred of the
>> commander of the Zeon squad whose Zakus they stole (very embarrasing)
>Damn... Johnny Ridden... my players won't see him for at least a few
>more weeks... something about a hijacked shipment of Prototypes to
>Luna II...

One PC thinks they drove him off, one thinks they were lucky to escape, and
the third is still having nightmares about a Heat Hawk cutting his arm off.

>> I actually have to start planning episodes ahead now. Starting off the
>> cuff, the 'go ab=nd acquire us some Zakus' mission was the quickest, most
>> workable thing I could come up with. Thats the tricky part.
>Yep, what are your Zakus armed with, any 175mm Cannons, or Zaku
>bazookas, or just 120mm Machineguns, Crackers and Heat Hawks...

120s, Heat Hawks and Crakers are a definite. Maybe one or two Bazookas
and/or 175s. There are also an almost infinite number of Dopps (but they
only occur in small numbers, say a dozen or so:}). If I feel really evil,
or they do suprisingly well, I may throw in the Zeon officer they
embarassed, out for revenge in prototype Gouf.

>What are the PCs Zakus armed with?

One YMS-08A with a 120 and a Heat Sabre, and two MS-06F with 120s, Heat
Hawks and Bazookas with about 5 or 6 rounds each.

This is supposed to be tough for them. They think its a suicide mission,
so there is no point being soft on them. They got the prototype with
relative ease, but I'm not really inclined to let them keep it.


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