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On Mon, 31 Jul 2000 21:07:15 -0700 (PDT) Soimichiro Watanabe <> wrote:
>It appears that from the movie, one could safely
>assume that the EVA 01 is indeed Adam.

No, one couldn't. If one did, one would be wrong. Anyone remember the embryo that Kaji brought with him from Germany in the same fleet that brought Asuka and Eva-2 to Japan. That was Adam. Not to give too much away, but Second Impact was caused when Adam was shrunk to an embryo by the Katsuragi Expedition, releasing an enormous amount of energy in the process, melting Antarctica, flooding the Earth, and killing half of the human race.

>> >4. I know that the dummy plugs contained Rei
>> clones, but couldn't the Angels ALSO be feasible as
>> somehow related to the Rei cloning?
>The Rei clones were based on Yui. Actually, Rei is a
>clone of Yui (sort of).

Correct. In part.

>To run the AT field, you need a soul (hence they need
>pilots for the EVAs), but when there is no pilot, an
>artificial soul is need, hence the Rei clones.

Not precisely.

>But since they are clones, they don't have souls...

Correct, in part....for the inactive ones.

>hence something screws up whenever a dummy plug is

Not always....Worked pretty well when Gendo used it to destroy Eva 4 and seriously injure Touji in the process after that Angel had taken control of it. And, that would give away too much....

>and Misato said something about the shortage or lack
>of souls in heaven...

Correct. There are some beliefs that there is a storage rooms with a finite number of souls, and that when it is depleted, Armageddon comes. Hence, the fall off of births after Second Impact.

>Not I'm starting to get as confusing as the movie. ^_^


>It hard to speak of EVA without giving some stuff


>Just give me a gundam with an S2 engine, tons of N2
>payloads AND an AT field, I'm a happy man.

The Gundam already has an Minovsky engine, why would it need an S2? N2 mines huh? Isn't that a violation of the Antartic Treaty? But see the GP02. And an I-field is mostly like an AT field.


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