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> 2. Am I correct in assuming that Yui Ikari was
> turned into unit 1 somehow.

No, but it seems that her soul is in EVA 01...

> 3. They never addressed the specifics of the
> accident that killed her. It was related to the
> first Eva test.

She tried to synchro with the EVA 01...








It appears that from the movie, one could safely
assume that the EVA 01 is indeed Adam.

> >4. I know that the dummy plugs contained Rei
> clones, but couldn't the Angels ALSO be feasible as
> somehow related to the Rei cloning?

The Rei clones were based on Yui. Actually, Rei is a
clone of Yui (sort of).

To run the AT field, you need a soul (hence they need
pilots for the EVAs), but when there is no pilot, an
artificial soul is need, hence the Rei clones.

But since they are clones, they don't have souls...

hence something screws up whenever a dummy plug is

and Misato said something about the shortage or lack
of souls in heaven...

Not I'm starting to get as confusing as the movie. ^_^

It hard to speak of EVA without giving some stuff

Just give me a gundam with an S2 engine, tons of N2
payloads AND an AT field, I'm a happy man.

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