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>> Maybe I just don't have enough exposure to Newtype brats on screen. I
>> think I'll lean towards Ben Wright's rules 'cause they're the least
>> and give me plenty of room to fool with my player's minds.
>Well the only exposure I have to them is MSG Movies, Novels, and soon
>the entire series... There are also good NT scenes in Z Gundam, and CCA.
>ZZ is supposed to be an orgy of NT abilities, but is harder to get ahold of
>and (from everything I've ever read) sucked for the first half of the show.

I've read the Tomino novelisation - it wasn't the best - and the Katoki
manga up to whatever the last issue released was, and I saw 0080 at a con
about ten years ago.

>> I don't think any of them are, so it should be safe. Wouldn't suprise me
>> if they turned up though; all of 'em have net access, spare time, & almost
>> no knowledge of the Gundam universe (the one that does keeps saaying
>> like 'so when do we get a Gundam?')
>Actually my players took a long time to GET their Gundam, what they had
>was a RGM-79(G) from 08th MS team, there were Gundam teams in the
>area, but just not the PCs... One of the more vocal players was always on
>the lookout for a Gundam... anyhow one day he got some coordinates for
>a place behind enemy lines... He took a jeep out there with the other PCs
>and sure enough a Ground type Gundam torso was laying there, with all its
>limbs missing.

I've already taunted them with the fact that a group of pilots they didn't
like got assigned to Project V.


Ah, the old spy within the ranks standby. It works so well, and they never
guess who it really is.

>Aand although Neil is on this list, my players know this much about the
>next episode...

My players know that they're likely to get plastered all over the landscape
next episode; not killed, probably, just have their MS shot from under them.

>So when is your campaign set, is it Earth based, or Space based, what
>kind of GMs, Balls, Core Fighters, or whatever did you give your PCs,
>or is it a Zeon based campaign?

Its a Feddy campaign, though if I had more time I'd like to have run
concurrent Fed/Zeon streams. Its currently late July, & the only MSA the
EFF have are a handfull of stolen Zakus, some of which the PCs stole during
the first ep. It started in space (Luna II and Side 6), is currently on
Earth, and will probably go into space again with Op. Star One. The PCs
are all EFSF pilot who volunteered for MS pilot training, but will probably
be kludged into a mostly EF Army MS Company for Odessa.

Certain elements of EF High Command were so impressed by the Gran Theft
Zaku in the first ep. that they wanted our boys to go and steal a brand new
Zeon prototype MS. Due to the generous use of bazookas they managed to
capture a slightly scratched prototype (YMS-08A) Now they're traipsing
through Central America, trying to make it to the closest Fed airstrip that
can handle a Midea. The local EAF commander has no intention of letting
them get away with this. Dopps are dogging them the whole way, the Zakus
are on the way, and our boys are low on ammo...

As for recurring villans, they've had a run in with Johnny Ridden, who
toyed with them and let them go, and earned the eternal hatred of the
commander of the Zeon squad whose Zakus they stole (very embarrasing)

>My game almost became a Zeon game Saturday if the Gundam pilot had
>decided to go Rogue... although one of my other players probably would
>not work for someone as 'Inferior' as Giren Zavi... (he's just that mean)


I actually have to start planning episodes ahead now. Starting off the
cuff, the 'go ab=nd acquire us some Zakus' mission was the quickest, most
workable thing I could come up with. Thats the tricky part.


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