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>They already did - there has been numerous sweepstakes prize kits which are
>truly limited to a few hundred or thousand pieces. One of the earliest ones
>even featured an autograph from the voice actor of Char on the box. It
>wasn't until G Gundam when Bandai started making limited edition kits
>available to the general public (Hyper Mode G kits, Metal Clear Wing kits,
>Coating Version MG kits, etc.). There are also those convention-only kits
>like the ones for JAF-CON.

Well, I don't mean THAT rare, by my meanining all I want is that people, get
what they want and when demand goes down just stop, don't produce them next
cycle, just stop. Why do I say this? A good example is the Star trek Voyager
Model from monogram, they released like 200,000 or something like that, it
could have been easily bought at any store, but now that those people have it,
production has stopped, its not going down in price in fact price has
doubledfor this now hard to find kit, now thats what I'm talkin' 'bout.

And what sparked me to think about this? you have some guy selling on ebay a
1/144 model of the OYW, sure I like them, hell I have most of them, but this
guy is selling it for 15-30 dollars. You ask them what a gundam is and their
response? "Huh?" And some of these guys just put them on because they think
that it would help them make a quick buck, it annoys me to to see such BS, I
mean come on! if you bought it at a store for 3 bucks do you actually think
you'll get 20 for it? damn! and its not just gundam stuff, people think that
anime fans are dumb as crap, if you wanted a resin kit that cost 50 the lowest
price on ebay for this certain kit would be 75, and the sad part is people
actually pay, if production were limited we would prevent such idiots from
ripping off people...

- Roger

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