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w00t! Another steampunk fan =)
I'm with Mark on this one ... a nice, dark, steampunk story could be just
the alternate universe we're looking for. Turn A was a step in that
direction, but going all out, hardcore steampunk would be UberNiftyCool
At its most basic form, regardless of when its set, I'm hoping the next
series goes for a more traditional look to the mechanics, but a modern
look to the characters, something Cowboy Bebop-esque perhaps. Music by
Yoko Kanno, of course, perhaps taken in a gothic direction, to fit with
our steampunk hopes. I'd prefer a focus on mass produced MS's, to get away
from the superhero complex, along with a 08th MS Team style relationship
between the characters, with a clearly defined "leader", but secondary
characters who can stand on their own, as characters.
So, in summry, a Kanno gothic scored steampunk saga, focussing on the
exploits of a team of grunt MS pilots. Excellent. Bandai/Sunrise, get on
it :P

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> While I'm on my mecha design soapbox, I'll opine that this is the wrong > question. If the next series is set during the One Year War, then obviously > it should be very traditional; if it takes place in the year UC 500 or AC > 999, then of course it should look like the Mars Gundam from Dimension X. > Mecha design serves the story, so the question should be, what should the > next Gundam story be like? > > On this score, I think my vote is still for something steampunk... :-) > > -- Mark > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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