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Junior asks,

> Hello, all. I'm a somewhat new member who's been lurking for a little
> while. I have a quick question about a couple of the models that I
> own. Way back when, probably when the Gundam F-91 movie was less than a
> year old, I picked up a couple of models in Little Tokyo (downtown LA) -
> the title MS, and the Verga-Giros (numbers 5 and 6 of their line).
> Unlike the much newer Wing Gundam models (which say HG on the box),
> these models have nothing in English that would indicate a model
> series.

  Gundam models didn't really have "grades" back then. I think the first
"High Grade" series had already been released, but for the most part models
just belonged to the appropriate series - in this case, the 1/100 Gundam F91
series. (Trivia: F91 seems to have been the first series for which each
scale was numbered independently.)

  Starting with 1993's V Gundam, we started seeing selected kits labeled as
"High Grade." But before that, High Grade was a separate model series, like
the current Master Grade and Perfect Grade lines.

  Does that help, or did I just make it more confusing? :-)

-- Mark

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