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Mon, 31 Jul 2000 14:48:08 -0700

Chris Maier asks,

> Should the next Gundam be something radically different, like Turn A, or a
> return to the more traditional design, with V-fin, grill faceplate, chest
> vents, etc.

  While I'm on my mecha design soapbox, I'll opine that this is the wrong
question. If the next series is set during the One Year War, then obviously
it should be very traditional; if it takes place in the year UC 500 or AC
999, then of course it should look like the Mars Gundam from Dimension X.
Mecha design serves the story, so the question should be, what should the
next Gundam story be like?

  On this score, I think my vote is still for something steampunk... :-)

-- Mark

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