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Nicholas Paufler writes,

  [space for Turn A spoilers!]
>>> S
>>> P
>>> O
>>> I
>>> L
>>> E
>>> R
>>> S
>>> P
>>> A
>>> C
>>> E

> The more I hear about Turn A the more I really want to see it. I wonder,
> was its TV ratings suffieciently high to warrant a sequel?

  Nah, I doubt it. A year-long anime series it enough of a rarity these
days, and I doubt that Tomino would have been able to do a 50-episode mecha
show unless it had the Gundam brand attached to it... never mind a sequel.

> I could really
> get into something that takes this route. With someone OTHER than Syd Mead
> doing the designs ... how about lettering Kawamori have another go?

  Interestingly, the 5th volume of NewType's Turn A "film comics" wraps up
with a bunch of staff interviews, and all the mecha designers cite the Turn
A Gundam as being their favorite design from the series. Personally, after
seeing it in the animation, I'd have to agree. Mecha design isn't supposed
to be a stand-alone art form, but part of the total aesthetic package... a
form a of character design or production design, which needs to be tailored
to the story.

-- Mark

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