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Nicholas Paufler writes,

> Wee =) Been a while since I've been able to have a marathon Gundam
> weekend (considering all of the new anime I can easily get my hands on,
> its depressing how hard Gundam is to come by), but I finished off Gundam X
> this weekend. I have a few lingering questions,

  Kewl, this sort of thing is good practice for synopsis-writing. :-)

> and they're definately spoilers, so time for:

> S
> P
> O
> I
> L
> E
> R

> S
> P
> A
> C
> E

  Okay, I reckon that should do for now.

> 1. It was never fully explained what a Category F is. My assumption is
> it's just someone exhibiting newtype like abilities, but without the
> ability to activate the flash system, correct? I seem to recall someone
> calling the brothers "failures", so that's what the F stands for?

  That's Category "F" for "Fake". The Frost brothers are considered false
newtypes, despite their powers, because they can't activate the flash
system. Judging from D.O.M.E.'s spiel at the end, this is a pretty arbitrary
system for deeming some psychic freaks to be the next phase of human
evolution, and others just, well, psychic freaks.

> 2. After the Virsago becomes the Chest Break, and the Ashataron gets to be
> a hermit crab, we see in the last episode that they've got their own
> satellite cannon. I'm assuming this was the one that was broken off of the
> GX, and they were able to build the solar panels based on the time when
> they'd captured the GX?

  Hardly seems necessary; after all, the New Federation was able to build
the Double X. The satellite cannon technology is 15 years old, but the main
problem is getting the lunar base to send you the power. (The Double X
accomplished this by replicating Jamil's newtype brainwaves, but presumably
that technology was lost along with the Zonder Epta base...)

> 3. Any explanation as to why the Space Revolutionary (subbed as
> "rebellion" when I watched it) Army's more advanced MS's were able to eat
> direct hits from beam weapons?

  Just heavy armor. The Crouda is simply really butch.

> 4. Is it just me, or did Gundam X, overall, have some of the worst mecha
> design ever?

  I like Junya Ishigaki's backup mecha - yes, even the Daughtress et al. The
main Gundams don't move me any more than the ones in G Gundam or Gundam
Wing, which are all interchangeable Okawara hack jobs. I did like Ishigaki's
retake on the Ashtaron, though - the Hermit Crab version.

> 5. Is it just me, or does the Double X borrow liberally from F-91? It's
> solar panels flipping out look suspiciously like the F91's heat
> dissipators, the dual cannons flipping over the shoulder, and the general
> look and feel was the same..

  Ah, but the F91's cannons swivel _under_ its arms. :-)

  I still wonder what those reflector panels are for, since they don't
actually reflect anything... maybe they're just big flat batteries. If
they're microwave receivers, and the power beam is that much wider than the
visible targeting beam, then wouldn't be pilot be roasted like a pop tart?

> 6. I've noticed that all of the alternate continuities seem to have happy
> endings. Wing and X both did, but i'd say X's was a bit more satisfying.
> In Wing, you've got war ending and everything living happily ever after...
> in X, the good guys win, but they at least hint that there are occasional
> skirmishes, which seems a bit more realistic to me. I'm assuming G and
> Turn A both have "happy" endings as well?

  [G and Turn A spoilers follow!!!]

  Well, in G Gundam, the immediate threat is ended and the Gundam Fight will
resume four years hence. In Turn A, it seems the menace of Ginganam's
invasion is ended and the Turn machines reburied, but the work of peaceful
coexistence is just beginning. And ambitious industrialist Gwen Third
Rheinford is last seen setting sail for Europe, with dark history data in
hand - including, gasp, the blueprints to the Nether Gundam! We may not have
seen the last of him. :-)

> 7. Did Tifa really lose her newtypes powers, or was it more of a symbolic
> thing, sort of rejecting the idea of her being different and forgetting
> about them?

  My impression is that D.O.M.E. actually removed her powers for her. Jamil
and Lancerow, after all, prove these powers can be lost...

> 8. Is it just me, or was the whole "romance" thing really poorly done?

  I feel the same way about the character development in general. :-)

-- Mark

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