Michael Hinchen (hinchen@mindspring.com)
Mon, 31 Jul 2000 15:01:40 -0500

Ok I recently got a Char Aznable Gelgoog MG kit. I got already to build
it and I realized
I lost the instructions. I'm freaking out. I would greatly appreciate
it if anyone could either scan
their Gelgoog manual and e-mail me the pics so I can print them
out,photocopy their instructions and
send them to me(I will gladly compensate you for your time and money 5
bucks sound good?) or tell me
where I can find the instructions on the net possibly. Any help would
be appreciated greatly.
Because I REALLY don't want to buy another Gelgoog kit for 50 bucks just
to get instructions for the one I have.

Mike "Aka" Grimlock

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