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Okay, I asked this before, but now I have a basis for comparison. My
roommate picked up a MG RX-79G (that bastard!) and I can compare its
colors to my NT-1 Alex. The RX-79 is a nice, sort of pearly greyish white
color, while the Alex is a bright, shiny white. The same goes for the
blues, the RX-79G has a darker, matted look, while the Alex is much more
shiny. Obviously, the colors on the RX-79G are infinitely superior.
So my question is, on any other MG Gundam, what is the white closer to,
the Alex, or the RX-79? I only ask, because I'd tend to shy away from the
Alex's bright white, simply because it doesn't look as nice unpainted.

On a related note, he also picked up a black Gundam marker ... I couldn't
believe the difference it made! It was honestly like night and day ... i
did up my Alex, and my HCM RX-178 (which looks infinitely superior now)
with panel lines and they're quite attractive now. Anyone who isn't using
one, go out and try it, you'll like the results.

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