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Wee =) Been a while since I've been able to have a marathon Gundam
weekend (considering all of the new anime I can easily get my hands on,
its depressing how hard Gundam is to come by), but I finished off Gundam X
this weekend. I have a few lingering questions, and they're definately
spoilers, so time for:



WARNING! Do not read below if you haven't seen the end of Gundam X!


Okay, good enough.

1. It was never fully explained what a Category F is. My assumption is
it's just someone exhibiting newtype like abilities, but without the
ability to activate the flash system, correct? I seem to recall someone
calling the brothers "failures", so that's what the F stands for?

2. After the Virsago becomes the Chest Break, and the Ashataron gets to be
a hermit crab, we see in the last episode that they've got their own
satellite cannon. I'm assuming this was the one that was broken off of the
GX, and they were able to build the solar panels based on the time when
they'd captured the GX?

3. Any explanation as to why the Space Revolutionary (subbed as
"rebellion" when I watched it) Army's more advanced MS's were able to eat
direct hits from beam weapons?

4. Is it just me, or did Gundam X, overall, have some of the worst mecha
design ever? The X was reasonably nice in a classic way, and as far as
massively overpowered gundams go, the Double X was cool, but the Airmaster
and Leopard were dissapointing, and I hated the Virsago and Ashtaron. Add
on entirely forgettable grunt MS's (not a single memorable one amongst
them, and most of them just ripped of characteristics of previous mass
produced designs?)

5. Is it just me, or does the Double X borrow liberally from F-91? It's
solar panels flipping out look suspiciously like the F91's heat
dissipators, the dual cannons flipping over the shoulder, and the general
look and feel was the same..

6. I've noticed that all of the alternate continuities seem to have happy
endings. Wing and X both did, but i'd say X's was a bit more satisfying.
In Wing, you've got war ending and everything living happily ever after...
in X, the good guys win, but they at least hint that there are occasional
skirmishes, which seems a bit more realistic to me. I'm assuming G and
Turn A both have "happy" endings as well? I guess this is because they're
supposed to be standalone, and there isn't the same hope of another series
to bring back hope =)

7. Did Tifa really lose her newtypes powers, or was it more of a symbolic
thing, sort of rejecting the idea of her being different and forgetting
about them?

8. Is it just me, or was the whole "romance" thing really poorly done?
Roby falling for Sarah made sense, since you also had Witts + Tonya, your
typical fighter jock + bridge bunny type deal ... but since you had to
pair Sarah with Jamil, having him end up with Enil felt tacked on. Same
goes for Paula and Kid? What's with that? Since Garoad was taken, throw
her in with the mechanic for no reason other than everyone needs a
romantic interest? Bleh. Really heavy handed and offputting.

Hmmm that should be about it, unless any responses can spark my memory.

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