Mon, 31 Jul 2000 09:40:36 EDT

>>> 2. Am I correct in assuming that Yui Ikari was turned into unit 1 somehow.

Wow? How did you get that idea? I'm not discounting it, but I don't
remember anything along this line.<<<<<

I got this from a couple of points:

1. The Eva would come "alive" (w/o power) whenever Shinji was in danger. Like in one of the first few episodes when the roof almost fell on Shinji but Unit 1 shielded him with it's hand even though it wasn't activated. A very mother-like trait.

2. In one of the last few episodes, Gendo is talking to unit 1 (there is no one else around) and he addressed it as Yui.

3. They never addressed the specifics of the accident that killed her. It was related to the first Eva test.

4. I know that the dummy plugs contained Rei clones, but couldn't the Angels ALSO be feasible as somehow related to the Rei cloning?


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