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> Compared to the Zabis' ability to terrorize the Titans were small
>potatoes trying to compare with a bunch of skinhead punks with the
>einsatzkommando. One can be solved with Msrs Smith and Wesson and
>associate the Magnum brothers, the otehr susually the vengeance of the
>entire Red Army.

Hmmm. Actually, I would have voted to just create special commando squads whose
only job would be to plant multiple high-power explosive charges all over a
colony...and then blow it up into pieces. or perhaps one simple tac-nuke.

but that would make me as bad as they are. another one is to create a siege
situation with a cordon of ms's. once a fleet reacts, then go after the military
base that is the fleet's supply station...i would knock out their supply and
production bases first...

>> hmm...wouldn't it also be difficult in the sense that manuevering would be
>> different? unless of course, the computer handled retrothrusters and all
>> for braking and turning and all that.
> Bingo. Remember how a/c fucntion. Lift, thrust, drag, and gravity.
>Planes fly not only due to their thrust by the lift they generate and
>entails wings and a body that allows it. Mechs aren't very aerodynamic
>any altitude they gain will probably be a couple thousand feet before
>hit the E on their fuel tanks.

That figures.

>> hmmm. that makes for a good argument, mixing MS's with standard armor and
>> but the roles woiuld radically change. please expound, I find this to be
>> very intersting idea.
> If we agree that within the Gundam universe the best way to scrag
>a MS is another mech they're even less capable of dealing with
>even one suicidal enough to charge loaded down with satchel charges
>nothing like carry a nylon bag of ten pounds of C4 with a pull fuze to
>make it all go bang). Suits are just too big and regarded as very
>specialized even if they have the firepower to go up against
>dismounted troops or even a lot of vehicles. Amada was fairly
>against a Jion mech with a LAW (must have been a powerful warhead
>and rocket motor to boot although I wonder how that boy managed
>to get into an armory and swipe that :P)

Actually, a good force against groundpounding mechs would be a special infantry
squad armed with shaped directional magnetic charges and armor piercing shoulder-launched
rockets and missiles, or a fast land vehicles with that cpability. One could
even use disruptive sonics or other experimental weapons...I don't see why the
hell not non'MS combatants can't take down an MS.

> At the same time the mech can carry a variety of firepower
>not unlike MBTs or modern a/c. With their height
>a platoon or company of mobile suits would be excellent in defense of
>installaions, assaulting fixed positions, and possibly capable of
>across terain that might prove difficult to other vehicles because of
>humanoid shape (although I doubt the second one because they're so
>Finally psychological-never understiamte what soemthing fifty feet
>can do to morale. So while a division may have only a battalion or
>two of MSs at best it seems that they can be broken down into really
>small units without too much harm (given a certain tactical

I've always seen MS's as one of two things: a mobile artillery base or a terror
weapon. the only time they would need all those close combat weapons is if
when there's another MS nearby...other than that, they would turn into mobile
kill platforms...

> The problem is size that makes coordinating with other untis
>difficult but Minovski effects don't seem to be as prevalent on Earth.
>So long as a MS pilot can get fire missions and targets through
>everything will be right as the God of War intended it to be.

hmmm...if there is a minovski problem, why not have tight-focus burst transmissions
or laserlight transmissions?

>> So it would be basically infantry training but without the use of covering
>> wouldn't that be almost a throwback to the old skirimishing styles of combat?

>> or would the use of advanced C&C play a big part in this?
>Some but not all. While small unit tactics are very similar in terms
>shape, vehicle formations means coordinating individual crews (and
>with a tank it's
>three or four men), operating them, and then be in a postion and
>cosntatnly scanning
>for activity will warrnat your attention.
> Besides seeing how the units don't move very well together in C&C TS
>it becomes a matter of production and balancing out numbers...

I would disagree on that. a properly balanced striek team can do wonders as
compared to a mishmash brigade...

>> I agree with this. let them use the core fighters first to get them used
>> the controls, then gradually introduce them to using MS's with similar if
>> the same controls...
> If I'm on the ground I want to make sure my FO can get everything
>from a Tomahawk strike from the Missouri to a ARC LIGHT mission on my
>so. Core fighters are the best thing the Feds got to fast mover
>tac/operational air although they should really start carrying CBU
>500-1000 pounder low drags, gun pods, napalm, rocket pods, and the
>sink. :D

That I would agree on too...

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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