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> Maybe I just don't have enough exposure to Newtype brats on screen. I
> think I'll lean towards Ben Wright's rules 'cause they're the least
> and give me plenty of room to fool with my player's minds.

Well the only exposure I have to them is MSG Movies, Novels, and soon
the entire series... There are also good NT scenes in Z Gundam, and CCA.
ZZ is supposed to be an orgy of NT abilities, but is harder to get ahold of
and (from everything I've ever read) sucked for the first half of the show.

> I don't think any of them are, so it should be safe. Wouldn't suprise me
> if they turned up though; all of 'em have net access, spare time, & almost
> no knowledge of the Gundam universe (the one that does keeps saaying
> like 'so when do we get a Gundam?')

Actually my players took a long time to GET their Gundam, what they had
was a RGM-79(G) from 08th MS team, there were Gundam teams in the
area, but just not the PCs... One of the more vocal players was always on
the lookout for a Gundam... anyhow one day he got some coordinates for
a place behind enemy lines... He took a jeep out there with the other PCs
and sure enough a Ground type Gundam torso was laying there, with all its
limbs missing.

They arrange for transport, and remove the pilot from the cockpit... but
they came back for it, a Zeon recovery team was also in the area... they got
their Gundam, and enough pieces to complete it, but were left with the big
question of why had it sat there until they found it... Why weren't the Zeon
interested in it until the PCs were, why did the Zeon show up minutes before
they did?

The team also had issues before and after that of the enemy always having
more troops when our team arrived than intelligence assured them would
be there, and always seemed ready for the attack.

Finally Saturday the traitor who had been warning the Zeon before every
mission, exposed her position by stealing their Gundam, and trying to
it to the Zeon. Now of course she's on the run, and will be an ongoing arch
nemesis... Next weeks episode the PCs try to get into the enemy Mobile
Suit factory, where the Zeon are trying to build something Gundam-like
from the plans that were stolen by the spy while the team worked hard
in previous episodes to rebuild it from the Salvaged ground type pieces.

Unfortunately without Beam Weapon technology (sabers, or rifles) and
with no Luna Titanium, this won't be much of a Gundam, its more like a
Gouf with 2 eyes than anything else... but you never know what might
have been if the enemy actually got a real one to look at.

Aand although Neil is on this list, my players know this much about the
next episode...

So when is your campaign set, is it Earth based, or Space based, what
kind of GMs, Balls, Core Fighters, or whatever did you give your PCs,
or is it a Zeon based campaign?

My game almost became a Zeon game Saturday if the Gundam pilot had
decided to go Rogue... although one of my other players probably would
not work for someone as 'Inferior' as Giren Zavi... (he's just that mean)


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