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Richie Ramos wrote:
> I agree with this. it would have been better, I think, to bombard from the
> sky. landing on earth was a costly idea, though it WOULD make sense if they
> were after the gold, as some people have posited...but then, don't some asteroids
> also have gold? and what would be the practical uses of gold aside from its
> conductivity and potential use as part of visual filters?

        They're space nazis and like anybody from a state that has exists due
to unwavering, uncompromising dogma they're prone to do illogical and
things by citizenry of coutnries who have regard for the life and
basic rights
of the individual.
        The Jions have absolutely no regard for the people of Earth and prove
just as cold blooded against their spacenoid neghbors with their use
of nuclear
weapons, nerve agents and maneuvering entire O'Neill cylinders and use
as re-entry vehicles.
        Compared to the Zabis' ability to terrorize the Titans were small
potatoes trying to compare with a bunch of skinhead punks with the
einsatzkommando. One can be solved with Msrs Smith and Wesson and
associate the Magnum brothers, the otehr susually the vengeance of the
entire Red Army.

> hmm...wouldn't it also be difficult in the sense that manuevering would be highly
> different? unless of course, the computer handled retrothrusters and all that
> for braking and turning and all that.

        Bingo. Remember how a/c fucntion. Lift, thrust, drag, and gravity.
Planes fly not only due to their thrust by the lift they generate and
entails wings and a body that allows it. Mechs aren't very aerodynamic
any altitude they gain will probably be a couple thousand feet before
hit the E on their fuel tanks.

> hmmm. that makes for a good argument, mixing MS's with standard armor and equipment.
> but the roles woiuld radically change. please expound, I find this to be a
> very intersting idea.

        If we agree that within the Gundam universe the best way to scrag
a MS is another mech they're even less capable of dealing with
even one suicidal enough to charge loaded down with satchel charges
nothing like carry a nylon bag of ten pounds of C4 with a pull fuze to
make it all go bang). Suits are just too big and regarded as very
specialized even if they have the firepower to go up against
dismounted troops or even a lot of vehicles. Amada was fairly
against a Jion mech with a LAW (must have been a powerful warhead
and rocket motor to boot although I wonder how that boy managed
to get into an armory and swipe that :P)
         At the same time the mech can carry a variety of firepower
not unlike MBTs or modern a/c. With their height
a platoon or company of mobile suits would be excellent in defense of
installaions, assaulting fixed positions, and possibly capable of
across terain that might prove difficult to other vehicles because of
humanoid shape (although I doubt the second one because they're so
Finally psychological-never understiamte what soemthing fifty feet
can do to morale. So while a division may have only a battalion or
two of MSs at best it seems that they can be broken down into really
small units without too much harm (given a certain tactical
        The problem is size that makes coordinating with other untis
difficult but Minovski effects don't seem to be as prevalent on Earth.
So long as a MS pilot can get fire missions and targets through
everything will be right as the God of War intended it to be.

> So it would be basically infantry training but without the use of covering positions?
> wouldn't that be almost a throwback to the old skirimishing styles of combat?
> or would the use of advanced C&C play a big part in this?

        Some but not all. While small unit tactics are very similar in terms
shape, vehicle formations means coordinating individual crews (and
with a tank it's
three or four men), operating them, and then be in a postion and
cosntatnly scanning
for activity will warrnat your attention.
        Besides seeing how the units don't move very well together in C&C TS
it becomes a matter of production and balancing out numbers...

> I agree with this. let them use the core fighters first to get them used to
> the controls, then gradually introduce them to using MS's with similar if not
> the same controls...

        If I'm on the ground I want to make sure my FO can get everything
from a Tomahawk strike from the Missouri to a ARC LIGHT mission on my
so. Core fighters are the best thing the Feds got to fast mover
tac/operational air although they should really start carrying CBU
500-1000 pounder low drags, gun pods, napalm, rocket pods, and the
sink. :D

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