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Is that gold TIE worth anything nowadays? I saw it and a gold X-Wing at
HobbyTown USA on sale. It'd make since if they were leftovers from the back
in the days, since no one shops there but me. Well, maybe a few of the
employees, but I keep their business running (A couple of bucks here and
there to keep the electricity on and the toilet flushing).
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The only beef I have with this (and this is probaly because of who I am) is
the actaul idea of "collector's items". All a collector's item is is a more
expensive version of something that costs lest but just isn't as flashy (in
the case of mags or books) or a "higher quality" version of something else
(in the case of models and toys). I remember I bought a "Collector's
Edition" TIE Interceptor way back in the days of Star Wars and all it was
was a normal TIE Interceptor just gold colored.

Collector's items are for the foolish and greedy. People think just becuase
it says collector's edition it should cost more. This is rubbish. I for one
decided a long time ago to only buy collector's items ONLY if they were
higher quality, and to collect only for my personal amusement, not to make
money by product appreciation values.

Just becuase a product is cheap doesn't mean that it is worthless. I have an
old VOTOM Scopedog that I bought for $4.00 and it has served me well for the
past 11 years of regular display and handling.

*As for limited edition just put in "limited edition" for all parts where I
use "Collector's item" and read the e-mail again.


-He Who Hath No Pants

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>Subject: [gundam] limited editions
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>As i was browsing through models like i usually do when i'm bored to death
>noticed one thing, Tamiya models, some Star trek models, and a lot of
>are all limited edition kits. I think it would be a good idea if bandai
>started to do the same, hey, I'm not complaining about the availability of
>Gundam models but, Though bandai makes a load of cash off Gundam models, I
>just think it would be nice for a change to see a model NOT go down in
>after a month or so, and it would be great to see a collector's edition
>on certain MS's and on ebay a lot of people try to scam with them old kits
>too. Also keep i mind when something like an MG is released of the same
>I'm pretty sure you all run to the MG instead of the original. hey, theres
>nothing wrong with those old kits but if bandai Keeps banging out those old
>kits its just makin' 'em worthless when compared to the new ones, but if
>production were to stop on them at least they be collector items.
>Rants, Comments?
>- Roger
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