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Sun, 30 Jul 2000 23:24:18 -0700

>As i was browsing through models like i usually do when i'm bored to death i
>noticed one thing, Tamiya models, some Star trek models, and a lot of others
>are all limited edition kits. I think it would be a good idea if bandai
>started to do the same,

They already did - there has been numerous sweepstakes prize kits which are
truly limited to a few hundred or thousand pieces. One of the earliest ones
even featured an autograph from the voice actor of Char on the box. It
wasn't until G Gundam when Bandai started making limited edition kits
available to the general public (Hyper Mode G kits, Metal Clear Wing kits,
Coating Version MG kits, etc.). There are also those convention-only kits
like the ones for JAF-CON.

>hey, I'm not complaining about the availability of
>Gundam models but, Though bandai makes a load of cash off Gundam models, I
>just think it would be nice for a change to see a model NOT go down in price
>after a month or so,

Bandai sets the MSRP but stores are free to give discounts (in Japan) or
jack prices up (overseas). I don't think Bandai can really do anything
that'd encourage or discourage retailers to act one way or another.

>and it would be great to see a collector's edition price
>on certain MS's and on ebay a lot of people try to scam with them old kits
>too. Also keep i mind when something like an MG is released of the same kit,
>I'm pretty sure you all run to the MG instead of the original.

Well, it looks like Bandai isn't going to reissue the original 1/144 scale
Wing kits now that they're making new versions that come with a pilot
figure. Do you think this makes the now possibly OOP version a collectible?
I think not. As for MG vs old kits, I think the price difference does
justify the old kits being reissued - in fact Bandai just reissued those
1/100 Real Type kits recently, and they seem to be doing well despite the
fact that better MG versions are out there. For 700 or 800 yens, you get
enough decals and parts for kitbash or other projects.

>hey, theres
>nothing wrong with those old kits but if bandai Keeps banging out those old
>kits its just makin' 'em worthless when compared to the new ones, but if
>production were to stop on them at least they be collector items.

Some MSV kits came out in Zeta Gundam boxes, and they were never reissued.
There's your collector item... personally I think it's lame how they
reissued MSV kits but won't reissue them in Zeta boxes/colors.

>Rants, Comments?
>- Roger


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