Mon, 31 Jul 2000 01:59:49 EDT

> > I just managed to borrow the whole Evangelion Anime series and have
> > it in it's entirety. Now I know, obviously that it is a confoluted
> headfuck
> > series, but I am not sure about a few things.

Anyway...your Questions can be answered by going to this FAQ site

My thoughts on TV and Movie Endings....to me the TV was a _very_ satisfying
conclusion to the EVA series while the movie was more like a bastard child
created solely for the purposes of Fan Service+Making $. Eva to me was
focused on Shinji's own psychology, and the TV provided a satisfying
conclusion to that. The two can be integrated into one continuity but I
prefer to reject the movie ending completely, I don't care to see the 3rd
impact , and I don't care about seeing Shinji doing that to Asuka in the
hospital(yes, that scene)....or the crappy ending in the movie.

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