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> I just managed to borrow the whole Evangelion Anime series and have watched
> it in it's entirety. Now I know, obviously that it is a confoluted headfuck
> series, but I am not sure about a few things.

Ok, I actually can't provide any answers, despite the fact that I saw and
kind of like End of EVA. And I will be careful not to spoil anything
about EoE for you. Really my post is just to wonder aloud, along with

> 1. What happened to everyone at the end? I mean they show scenes of Rytsuko

IIRC, the whole last episode was a vision right? Or somewhere in there,
the vision ends and the reality returns? Anyway I was pretty PO'ed by the

> 2. Am I correct in assuming that Yui Ikari was turned into unit 1 somehow.

Wow? How did you get that idea? I'm not discounting it, but I don't
remember anything along this line.

> At one point Gendo Ikari was talking to the Eva but addressing it as her. Or
> is she somehow involved with the Rei clones?

I think there are some hints that the Rei's are all Yui clones. Is it
possible that the Rei's are not entirely human? If EVA's are artifical
angles with a control pod, could the Rei's be human with a touch of angel
DNA or something?

> 3. What was the goal of SEELE? I know that Gendo was trying to push for
> Instrumentality, but I thought they had a different goal.

Beats me! Call me stupid, but I still don't know what Instrumentality is?
Surely it's not turning humans into half angels? There are some hints in
EoE, but I have no idea if the outcome in EoE is a fulfillment of (1)
Gendo's plan, (2) SEELE's plan, (3) Dead Sea Scroll's predictions, (4)
none of the above? I can only assume that everyone is aiming for some
kind of super-mentality, but unfortunately all we have seen so far are (1)
the damaged personalities of the likes of Gendo, Shinji, Rei, Asuka,
Misato etc, (2) the barely discernable sentient consciousness of angels
and EVA's and (3) the non-menisfestation of "God", or whatever the source
of the angels is.

And what about Misato's old lover? He was supposed to have found out a
lot of stuffs (about SEELE? about Gendo?), but WHAT? I can only remember
him giving Misato a password or something.

> 5. What was the entire scope of Instrumenality? Yeah that is probably a
> tough one, and I actually kinda have an idea about what it is, but I was
> wondering what everyone else's take was.

My very vague guess is this is some kind of Tower of Babel, Man trying to
unite all of consciousness of all people and reach a higher level of
(mental) existence. Especially, it will answer the question of the
Meaning of Life, the kind of question Shinji seems to ask every 5 seconds
"am I fighting in the EVA because it is the right thing? or because
everyone around me said it's the right thing?"

But what does that have to do with angels and EVA's? I don't know.
Somehow, all the angels have to be destroyed before Instrumentality can be
completed. And it seems that picking up angel carcasses helps, and
capturing a living angel would have been a hugely useful thing. But why?
Did the angels came to stop Instrumentality?

Ok, so that's mine, let's hear yours.

> 6. What was the intended ending, which was later shown in movie form?

Well, you will watch it and see. I like the EoE somewhat, but still
disappointed by all the loose ends.

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